Explore the depths with greater freedom

Introducing the new waist-worn underwater propulsion system, redefining underwater exploration! No longer bound by hands propulsion or reliant solely on leg power, you'll experience unprecedented freedom while swimming underwater. With up to 35 pounds of thrust, it offers unparalleled maneuverability, reducing drag and allowing for a more effortless underwater activities.

Free Hands, Wander Freely

ZTDIVE underwater waist scooter adopts a wearable exoskeletal waistband structure, perfectly contouring to the body's waistline.This innovation minimizes risks from machine attachment constraints, distributes diver load and enhances underwater exploration freedom.

Quick Assembly and Wearability

Adjust the waistband and fasten the underwater scooter. Choose one device as the main unit, press and hold for 3 seconds; then, the other device is powered on by pressing and holding for 3 seconds, it automatically pairs and connects with the main unit, all without the need for any auxiliary tools.

Thrust Surges, Boundless Exploration

ZTDIVE features a highly efficient dual propulsion system, providing 30% more thrust than similar-sized handheld propellers. Each motor delivers 8kgf/17.6 lbf of thrust, totaling up to 16kgf/35 lbf.

Principles of kinetics

The underwater waist scooter features sleek lines, with its curved structure and internal blades combining precision with principles of kinetics. This design optimally utilizes the kinetic energy of water flow during movement, reducing resistance and enhancing propulsion efficiency.

3-level Speed

ZTDIVE underwater waist scooter provides adjustable speeds: 0.8m/s , 1.8m/s, and 2.5m/s . Whether you're leisurely exploring or swiftly moving, choose the speed that suits your diving style effortlessly.

Do what you want

The dual propulsion modular and wireless allows it to be mounted on the waistband. It can also be equipped with various accessories like handheld grips and quick-release sup interfaces, offering versatile usage modes such as handheld or sup scooter.